Secondary English

With more than a decade of experience teaching Secondary English, our teachers have the domain know-how to help your child master the subject effectively.

English is the main communicative language. Having a strong foundation goes a long way. At ALC, our teachers follow a unique learning method that allows students to spark interest in the language and retain what they learn far longer.

Our Unique Learning Model

Kids are made aware of exam expectations and time management
The scheme of assessment is important for the exam candidate to understand – marks and the weighting for each paper: P1- 70m (35%); P2 – 50m (35%); P3 -30m (10%); P4 – 30m (20%). Presently the weighting for the orals is high.

Building up fundamental skills
In Situational writing, kids will make use of the illustrations to write persuasively or convincingly, addressing the audience and explaining with clarity, based on the questions

Summary writing techniques
Analysis of the comprehension texts and their questions; Identifying main ideas and their supporting details; Reading and understanding the text message both direct and inferred and a grasp of the literary devices that writers use

3 aspects of focus on the Planned Response (NEW SYLLABUS) and the Spoken Interaction sections:
i)fluent and effective presentation of ideas
ii)confident and clear communication of opinions and perspectives
iii)engaging discussion with a succinct conclusion

Level up vocabulary
Encouraging reading and re-reading of sizeable chunks of different texts help in general language improvement.

What To Expect

Students can expect

Constant referral to scheme of assessment and the duration to complete each paper is emphasized so kids are actively made aware of time management and such practices
Worksheets reflecting the different approaches to answering the various genre: recounts, reflective, descriptive, discursive, argumentative and hybrid types
Practices on writing the different situational texts
Worksheets with notes on mastery of comprehension and summary writing skills and practice papers to work on for grade improvement
Much practice devoted to this new oral aspect as this paper also helps in expository-argumentative writing.
Improved confidence in both oral and written work and the honing of critical thinking skills.
Tracking of their progress.

Progressive work from Sec 1 to Sec 4 or 5 allows time for our teens to master EL as their first language.

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