With more than a decade of experience teaching Chemistry, our teachers have the domain know-how to help your child master the subject effectively.

Our Chemistry sessions help students to deduce chemical formulas, writing chemical equations, understanding mole concept and stoichiometry and more.


Our Unique Learning Model

We teach chemical formula deduction using study materials which demonstrate a step-by-step process for students to follow so that students facing it for the first time are not lost. We also provide multiple practice questions for students to apply what they have learnt.

We teach how chemical equations are to be written by breaking them down into simpler steps, which reduce the steepness of the learning curve. We also provide multiple practice chemical reactions for students to apply what they have learnt.

Challenging questions that demand the understanding of multiple topics are demonstrated and explained in class.

What To Expect

The tutor has developed a computer model which can generate multiple practice questions.

He has drawn up study notes that explain the complicated definitions in an effective manner.
Worksheets created cannot merely include standard questions, but also include questions that demand explanations from students.

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