P1 Preparatory Class

With more than a decade of experience assisting pre P1 kids, our teachers have the domain know-how to help your child make the transit fun and rewarding.

Going to a new environment can be both fun and scary. Let alone learning new subjects and meeting new people at a tender age.

That’s where our P1 Pre Class helps to fill in the gap.

P1 Pre Class is specially designed to make the transition fun and rewarding. In addition to that, kids will learn English and Maths the way it should be – fun.


Our Unique Learning Model

Frequently asking them questions in order to verbalise what they are thinking
Getting them involved interactively by reverse role-play; they then realise the error(s) they may have made; be it the working or equation or answer.
Using the concrete-picture-abstract model to introduce new maths concepts.

They learn to pick up the meanings through dictionary search and understanding of word forms, word families, part of speech and meanings in context.
Encourage reading and keeping a reading log, discussing the stories and rewarding readers
Slow down ‘chunking’ verbal information for kids to grasp at their pace especially when giving instructions and offering explanations
Allow time for reflecting and consolidating what they have learnt – new words/phrases, grammar, writing pointers and constant revision will reinforce learning.

What To Expect

More motivation to learn and to apply what is learnt.

Inculcate the love for reading and a good reading habit

Improvement in their grades once a stronger foundation is built both in Maths and English

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