Additional Maths

With more than a decade of experience teaching A-Maths, our teachers have the domain know-how to help your child master the subject effectively.

Our Additional Maths classes focus on students who have difficulty managing the more complex Mathematics subject such as understanding angles and trigonometry.

Our Unique Learning Model

At ALC, we break down the boring task in Maths into an exciting topical portions by,
  • Demonstrating using graphing software how the graphs of those functions are drawn. Get the students to describe how the function converts a number on the horizontal axis into a number on the vertical axis.

  • Emphasizing that trigonometric angles are vector quantities with direction, whereas basic angles are scalar quantities with no direction.

  • Explaining how basic angles and trigonometric angles are related in every quadrant.

  • Using graphing software to show that without a range, there can be an infinite number of possible answers.

  • Demonstrating a step-by-step process of how a trigonometric equation is to be solved such that all possible answers within range can be obtained.

What To Expect

Create worksheets that test graph-sketching of those functions. (logarithms, exponentials, roots, trigonometric functions etc.)
Create study materials that use diagrams to show the trigonometric and basic angles in each quadrant. In this way, students can see for themselves how the angles are related.
Create study materials that state and demonstrate the step-by- step process needed to solve trigonometric equations.
Create worksheets that involve trigonometric equation solving that gradually increase in complexity.

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