Secondary Maths

With more than a decade of experience teaching Secondary Level Maths, our teachers have the domain know-how to help your child master the subject effectively.

When solving problems, students find it difficult to switch from using numbers only (like in primary school) to using algebra. Some students are unable to deduce why resulting in an incorrect answer. They have trouble interpreting angles measured in radians, and prefer to interpret them in degrees. Yet they have trouble converting angles between radians and degrees.

The good news is, at ALC we provide clear ways to solve such common challenges by using our unique learning model.


Our Unique Learning Model

At ALC, we break down the boring task in Maths into an exciting topical portions by,
  • Explicitly list out and demonstrate the principles to follow when solving algebraic equations.

  • Explicitly list out and demonstrate the principles to follow when manipulating fractions.

  • Students are taken through how the unit of “radians” was conceived and how it can express angle sizes.


What To Expect

Math worksheets provided to students must also include story problems that require algebra to be solved.

Create worksheets that involve algebraic equation solving that will gradually increase in complexity.
Create worksheets that involve manipulating algebraic fractions that will gradually increase in complexity.
Study notes contain the equations to be used to convert angles between radians and degrees, and also demonstrate their uses

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