With more than a decade of experience teaching Chinese, our teachers have the domain know-how to help your child master the subject effectively.

Does your child find learning Chinese difficult? Or, do they simply lose interest while struggling with the language?

While we converse in English on a daily basis at home, at work or at school, we cannot afford to ignore Chinese. Not because the kids need to sit for a Chinese exam, but because a strong command of the language will benefit them in future.

Equipping them with a dual language ability allows them to develop holistically and that is one of our tutors’ main objectives.


Our Unique Learning Model

At ALC, children can look forward to learning Chinese as a fun and exciting language. They retain better and they are taught in accordance to their levels and aptitude and they get to work at their pace. In short, every child’s learning experience with us is customized.

By making full use of the multi-sensory approach, this allows students to learn with all the senses, such as literacy and writing through sight, hearing, kinesthetics and touch.

The session is designed in an unique way to actively cultivate students’ interest in learning by starting with simple pictures and texts, and working on to steadily improve their reading and writing ability.

TesitDongChiNursinta Delia
TestiDongChiTay Yu Zhe

What To Expect

Students who use the above models to study tend to comprehend Chinese language well.

The course includes learning:

Current affairs
General plus school-subject based knowledge comprehensively through mastering listening, speaking, reading, and writing

so that students have more confidence to gradually cope with each assessment.
This translates into improvement in grades and overall language development of each student.

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