Make Math Fun Again

Seriously Addictive Mathematics (SAM) Program
At Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M), we are all about making math fun and easy to understand. We believe that when kids truly get the concepts behind the numbers, everything else falls into place like magic! That’s why our multi-award-winning S.A.M thinking math program has been such a hit with parents and kids alike. Not only do our little geniuses excel in math, but they also develop amazing problem-solving and critical thinking skills that will help them tackle any challenge that comes their way!

Why SAM?

Learn why most parents choose SAM program

  • Developed by a team of former school teachers and textbook publishers

  • 100% aligned to Singapore MOE syllabus

  • Personalised learning plan to suit each individual child’s level and pace

  • Fun, hands-on activities to learn new concepts

  • Mastery worksheets to help children build a strong math foundation

Why Choose S.A.M Program For Your Kid?

At ALC, we break down the boring task in Maths into an exciting topical portions by,
  • Acquire Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

  • Increase Your Child's Confidence and Motivation

  • Establish Their Independence and Self-Discipline

  • Enhance Self-Discipline

  • Build Strong Foundation and Making Learning Math Fun

What To Expect

We use the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach to help students understand an abstract subject such as math.

Concrete stage
This is the “doing” stage where children use physical objects such as manipulatives.

Pictorial stage
This is the “seeing” stage where children use drawings or pictures.

Abstract stage
This is the “symbolic” stage where children use abstract symbols to represent math.

Our worksheets are designed to be comprehensive, varied, and gradually increase in difficulty, making learning both challenging and achievable. This keeps children motivated and excited to keep learning more!

With guided practice in class and independent practice at home, our program helps kids develop mastery in math, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.

We also focus on cultivating self-discipline and good study habits in our students, which will serve them well in all areas of their life.

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