Primary English

With more than a decade of experience teaching English, our teachers have the domain know-how to help your child master the subject effectively.

Have you tried different learning methods but without progress? Most kids are bored by these traditional learning methods. This results in a loss of interest in the subject. As English is the main communicative language, having a strong foundation will help students both academically now and into their adult life.

Our Unique Learning Model

Our unique learning model addresses students’ poor language foundation like spelling punctuation, grammer, and synthesis. At ALC, we

1. Approach the lessons in a more fun way – not just worksheets alone but through interactive activities and allowing time for the kids to express themselves confidently
2. Reward reading when the kids keep good reading logs and write responses to what they have read
3. Creative vocabulary gathering through themes and activities
4. Grammar and language work sequentially given to hone and strengthen their foundation which needs time and discipline
5.Master exam techniques and learn time-management

What To Expect

Students can look forward to meaningful sessions, such as,

Make available a wide range of books of different ability levels for borrowing and reading logs to monitor and to spur them on
Frequent quizzes or assessments to check on student-progress and to give feedback
Make sure our kids have the fundamentals of the language laid and strengthened with each level
Disseminate exam techniques in accordance to the PSLE English Exam rubric at each level

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