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Dear Fellow Entrepreneur, 

Are you spending money right now to advertise on Facebook but not getting the result you want?

Or following those so-called “gurus” whom teaches a system that promises that work wonder for your business and end up getting your account ban or terminated by Facebook?

Or worse, trying to join groups and setting up proxy accounts just to spam in Facebook groups.

If you are struggling now, you are not alone. Thousand of entrepreneurs are facing the same exact problem as you are right now. It’s not your fault, it’s just that you didn’t learn the right way of marketing your product and services on Facebook. Today, is your lucky day because you are going to learn a proven system that work for my clients and hand it over “as-it-is”, so you can start generating more targeted leads and more sales within weeks.

By using this unique proven system, you will have your customer willingly pass you their details and even becoming your walking billboard, further slashing your advertising on Facebook up to 37%, all while getting more targeted sales faster.

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Hi, my name is Jeffrey Chew, Director of SocialProfit. I’m a Facebook and Direct Response Marketer whom has worked with entrepreneurs, SMEs, Freelancer and Network Marketers to turn around their Facebook and Direct Response online campaign.

It’s not difficult to launch a profitable Facebook campaign, that’s if you know how. If you know where and how to tweak your campaign, it’s like having an “on-demand” income generating machine, helping you to fill up your pipe full of targeted audiences ready to buy your offerings. But most don’t.

That’s why many people either lost money advertising on Facebook or get their Facebook account flagged or terminated.

If you are one of them, you have come to the right place.

This Is The Reason Why Many Failed Miserably Attracting Targeted Leads and Sales on Facebook…

See, Facebook marketing works. You and I know that.

When I consult with business owners, one of the thing that I found out is that, they only want the end results – which is good. But they are missing out some essential yet basic elements needed to make their Facebook marketing work for them. Some even go to the extend to ask their friend to help LIKE or buying FAKE LIKES just to boost their ego.

One thing is for sure, they want awareness and “feel good” feeling.

But what I can share with you now is, you can get awareness easily but to get attention (which by the way, leads to sales) is difficult. You should concentrate on getting attention instead and that why most are spending a lot of money but didn’t get the result they deserved….

…And They Spend Even More Money….

…..and the result is still the same. No leads. No sales. Nothing. Really, it’s not because they didn’t spend enough of it, it’s not because they don’t know their market well, it’s also not because they are not street – smart enough.

The problem is more than you can imagine. The problem is because….

They didn’t really have a solid Facebook Marketing Strategy

You see, Facebook is only around for about 10 years while traditional marketing has been around for more than a century. We all know how to effectively do traditional marketing to get result and that the exact reason why most entrepreneurs are clueless when comes to online marketing, specifically Facebook Marketing. They uses what they used to in traditional marketing and “cut-n-paste” to Facebook marketing – that’s why it didn’t work out for them.

That’s why it’s very important to have a step-by-step strategy that will systemized your Facebook marketing sales process so you know which stage need to improve on to get the most out of your advertising budget.

Unfortunately, most businesses have strategy on their business side of it but not the social media side. They just rush in to set up a fan page, select a few audiences and slap up an ad to start running. Most of the time, they either direct the traffic to their home page or to a page that solict immediate sales. Now think about it for a second, would you have your credit card standing by, ready to buy while surfing Facebook?

The answer is obvious.

But don’t get me wrong, if you know the system, you can literally hypnotized (mind control) them to hand over their hard earn money to you. This can be achieved by focusing on the right audience, setting up an irresistible offer page and put them into your looping sales process, that will have your customers to buy from you again and again and again.

That’s why we have been implementing these to our clients and we see them getting more sales and lower ad cost that we nearly want to profit share with them.

The 3 Step Facebook Profit Formula

I created this system initially is to help my business get result so that we can get clients to buy our services and as time goes by, we fine tune this system to suit my clients need. As some of our clients want their employee to handle partial marketing processes, we distilled down to “plug-n-play” following simple instructions type of system.

When we gotten Network Marketers clients, this system is further distill and fine tuned into 3 simple steps. That’s is the turning point of this system. We implement this system back to our business and see existing clients getting more leads and sales. This is also the same exact system that you might have experience when you are in a room full for people looking at a network marketing business opportunity preview.

If you want to use this system to get breakthrough results, you don’t want to miss the upcoming…..

3 Step Facebook Profit Formula Training Workshop

In this 2.5 hours of intensive training workshop, you will get to learn the 3 steps in details and how to implement it into your business. The cool part is that, you will also learn why this system work so that when you decide to scale up the campaign you can. This is also the exact system that network marketers uses to generate tons of leads to put people into their opportunity meeting.

Here are some other essential things you will learn when you join us at this training workshop:

  • How to structure your product and services so that your customer pay for your advertising before they buy anything from you. Using this method alone, you can re-invest what you make into the campaign to make your campaign stronger and more profitable.
  • How to laser target your audience on Facebook so that they are ready to buy what you have to offer them. Remember not all customers are made equal, and with this method alone, you only target people whom want to do business with you.
  • Identify the most important page on your website. If you do not know where is this page is, you probably will be losing out a lot of money but when you know where the page is, you will want to have as much of those as possible.
  • How to create ad that attract attention vs awareness. Awareness will get you eyeballs while attention will get you more money in the bank.
  • How to “mind control” your audience using only words on your Facebook ad so they hand over their cash willingly.

And all this happen at the below details:

Here’s What to Do Next….

3 Steps Facebook Profit Formula


Testimonial 1

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3 Steps Facebook Profit Formula


Now there are two ways to look at it, you can either continue to do whatever you are doing, wasting time and money and risk applying the wrong method…or you can shorten your learning curve to learn about real strategy and method that work in real life – regardless the industry.

As the saying goes, why reinvent the wheel when the wheel is not broken? So if you want to tremedously cut short your learning time and see result fast on Facebook, sign up now

Seats are limited… so take action fast!

Thank you and I look forward in shaking your hands at the event!

Jeffrey Chew