Ultimate Phonics List

Hey there, parents! If you’re on a mission to boost your kid’s reading and spelling skills, you’ve come to the right place. Behold, the ultimate phonics list that’ll make learning a blast! Remember, phonics is all about connecting sounds to letters, so let’s dive in and make those connections stick.

Ultimate Phonics is a complete systematic phonics program that teaches all the phonics patterns and sounds of English in 262 lessons. Each lesson focuses on one specific letter pattern and sound combination. The lessons start at the most basic level and gradually progress to an advanced level.

Why Phonics Word Lists?

Have you ever been teaching your kid a lesson for example on the digraph ‘sh’ and you’re trying to come up with words for your students hear, say, read, or write on the spot? And the only word with the digraph and a short vowel sound that comes to mind is ‘ship’?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have words with the phonics skill you’re teaching at your fingertips? And wouldn’t it be nice if you knew those words were decodable? Hence wouldn’t it be ideal to possess the ‘Ultimate Set of Phonics Word Lists? Of course, you may have to do some groundwork and researched plus compile and sets of decodable words that fit all of the target phonics skills that you can teach your child.

Let us thus work out some of the necessary set-titles we can draw up and then we can put them on nice flash or task card size pages so that they can handy to have around.

Step 1

Draw up a list of phonics skills according to the different stages of learning. The following phonics skills should be included:

  • c-v-c words
  • digraphs
  • double final consonants
  • blends
  • glued sounds
  • soft/hard c/g
  • trigraphs
  • c-v-c-e words
  • y as a vowel
  • long vowel teams
  • r-controlled vowels
  • diphthongs
  • suffixes
  • prefixes
  • consonant -le

Thus, your decodable word list should consider phonics rules from its current lesson and earlier lessons to reinforce learning. In this way, you kid can learn the phonics patterns and sounds and in addition to specified words you will be drawing up.

Step 2

Let us start with looking at the scope and sequence of phonics learning, you will need to cover to make the Ultimate Phonics List.

i) You can start with all the consonant letters and the short vowels of /a/, /e/, /i/, /o/, /u/.
ii) Next will be the consonant blends (beginning): like sl, st sp sn sc sw sk sm br cr dr fr pr tr gr cr spr str cl pl bl gl spl tw and the consonant blends (ending): such as st sk sp nd nt lt lk lf ld lp lm, lb, lc mp ct, ft, pt
iii) Consonant Digraphs & Trigraphs
sh ch tch th (voiced / unvoiced) wh ck
iv) Double Consonants at End
ss ll bb gg dd nn tt zz
v) Patterns
ing ang ength ong ung ink ank unk onk
vi) And more, based on the phonics skills list.

Step 3

Let’s start making the flash or task cards.

A) We start with the C-V-C words. My first example is the ‘Short /a/ sounds.

Step 4

When your cards are ready, after cutting the printed copies to size and laminating them, you could ring- bind them into flip-booklets. Now you are ready to try playing games such as flash card games and the many other activities we have suggested in Mastering Phonics Made Easy for Parents with your kid.


Parents, you did it! This list is like a treasure trove of phonics gold. Share these words with your little explorers and watch their reading skills take off. Remember, learning is a journey, so have fun along the way. Happy phonics adventures!

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