Tip & Tricks for A-Level H2 Math Exam Preparation In Singapore

In order to ensure their children continue steadily to ace their A-levels, especially math, parents would look for special math tuition to help them prepare. Singapore presently has several institutions and tutors providing A-level tuition courses, including math tuition, to students who wish to enhance their proficiency and prepare for these exams.

For those who are able it, parents would get a personal tutor for their children fighting their A-level, especially an A-Level H2 Math tuition.

Aside from getting the help of tutors, right here are the items you, as a student, can do to greatly help yourself ace your Singapore A-level H2 Math:

Preparation Methods are below:

Be Punctual

When taking an exam, students often devote some time solving one problem without considering how long they need to finish the rest of the test.
To be able to prevent yourself from facing this issue, you must be able to allow your time wisely in each question and skip if you discover one question hard. Question your tutor to check you with several papers and practice your timing for every question.

It may be difficult to learn how to end a question when you are feeling like you are near to a breakthrough. However, practice makes ideal so you might get yourself a hang of it with continuous practice.

Be Prepared with Questions & Queries

Students tend to find it hard to solve ‘show queries’ because they can not reach the answer shown in the question. To get past this issue, you can do a different strategy and begin analyzing the question backward from the ‘demonstrated result.’
Of course, you need to show the forward method when answering the question, nonetheless it can be rearranged to the extent it’ll reveal the ‘shown answer’ even if it is worked out backward.

This trick can help you answer fully the question 20% faster and start to see the patterns of your expected result as well as your own answer.

Go through the Paper & Examination Tips

Each exam for H2 mathematics in A-levels uses 6 hours to complete and split into two papers. The first paper handles pure mathematical questions, while the second half consists of 60% statistics and 40% for math.
Both papers have 12 questions each, meaning 17 questions are about natural math as the rest is for statistics.


If you are carrying out a definite syllabus for your classes, your examination for the finals calls for all the topics listed in the syllabus. The ultimate test would after that involve one query for every topic included in the syllabus and it could follow the syllabus’ stream.

Let the Calculator be Your Best Friend

H2 Math exams tend to include phrases like “using algebraic technique” or “answer without the utilization of a calculator”. When college students discover this, they have a tendency to abide by it blindly and ignore their calculator altogether while solving the issue before them.

However, if the question can be reread, the phrase, in fact, says that you need to be able to display your computations to access the same response you have from your calculator. Even if the test does say students can’t make use of a calculator, it could still be utilized to check on if the reply is correct. Learning this trick will help you get a peace of mind as you focus on all of those other exams.

Preparation For The Exams

If you want to attain the outcomes you want, you need to work hard to achieve it. For learners, it is necessary you figure out how to manage your time and effort wisely when learning. You must also be familiar with your target, discover ways to prepare and also have the resources essential to prepare. You must also have the ability to answer questions by working backward and sort it properly.

Decide on your grades to score

Ask yourself in regards to what your desired quality is and put a benchmark concerning how you can achieve it. If you want to attain A for your A-Level H2 Mathematics, your grades must at least reach 80% and above. Nevertheless, the grading program of Singapore’s A-Amounts is a little flawed because 100% of it’ll be predicated on the student’s last exam. As a result, it could be abused.

Consequently, you can stray from the H2 Math syllabus when trying to examine for your classes and place your concentrate on preparing on your own final exam. You can also use this period to question your tutors to assist you to function backward from the ultimate examination questions and prepare appropriately.

List what you need in Final Examination

In order to get ready for all the feasible questions that may pop up in the test, you’ll want all sorts of papers about the subject as the basis. By looking at the old examinations regarding A-Level H2 Mathematics, you’d be able to explain patterns about how to reply the questions accordingly. It’s best you check the 10-season series papers for A-Levels if you would like to know what questions may pop-up for your exams.

Be prepared for the Exam

If you would like to rate an A in your check, you need to be prepared to this extent that you could answer all of the general question types and resolve them efficiently. You need to also know about all the topics which may be contained in the test.

While learning all of this could be counter-intuitive, the types of questions found in the exam could be very comprehensive. You can plan all eventualities when you find these queries pop up.


Mathematics is something every student fears, even those people who are already experienced in the language. In the event that you find a Math Tutor in Singapore to assist you, they will be able to help you in attaining your grades because it is essential for your own future. However, additionally, it is essential that you, as the college student, welcome this new information and tackle the topic with a fluid research approach.

If you still do it, you may be in a position to make that happen coveted “A” even if it’s for an extremely difficult subject like mathematics.

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