How Does Coding Robotics and 3-D Design Helps Your Child

Do we wonder when MOE might mandate a coding curriculum?

Or are we starting to see school teachers integrate technology in the subjects they teach today?

Schools are definitely inviting private vendors to introduce such programmes during their school enrichment hours. Hence we cannot overemphasize the importance of and the need to prepare your child for tomorrow’s world.

But why the latest trend?

1)We recognise these skills will be both useful and meaningful in a world driven by computing technology with gadgetry and ‘smart’ devices all around us and STEM (Science- Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) education cannot be over-looked.

2)We will need to start them early coupled with the fact that Coding, Robotics and 3-D Design will also benefit the children in their school curriculum, especially with school teachers already integrating technology in their subjects such as using Scratch programming language to teach Mathematics.

3)An early start to learning the coding language can reduce the fear of technology. We want our children to be adept and working side-by side with technology to solve real world challenges of tomorrow, a world digitally connected and highly electronic and that this field is not only limited to computer scientists and website designers or engineers. Its language has to be second nature and the brain gains to technological processing, creativity and problem solving is most crucial in our ‘SMART NATION’ Singapore.

4)I would also like to bring to attention that an early start for our daughters to be glib in this field will allow healthy competition in today’s world where there is still gender bias and male-domination in STEM jobs. Let us break this stereotypical mindset and let us empower our girls to transcend gender.

5)Envisage tomorrow’s world today. No more looking at preparing for brick and mortar school each morning with riding public transport or school buses. Virtual schools are making their advent. We do understand when virtual schools are needed in areas so remote but with 3D technology replicating normal classrooms, it just needs a nudge and more reasons for virtual classrooms or robot teachers to become more rampant. Internet banking, online shopping and virtual schools only mean the language of technology will become our second language in time to come.

Change is inevitable and that’s why coding, robotics and 3d design is here to help. If you want to know more, click here.

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