Five Tips To Pass Math Test with Flying Colors

Practice, practice, and practice! No amount of cramming and memorizing will help you if you want to score good marks in a math test. You have to actually to sit at your desk and start practicing and applying the theorems! Yes, knowledge of the different formulas and equations is extremely important, but you should be actually able to use them while solving sums.

Many students find mathematics extremely intimidating but it can get a lot simpler if you change your approach towards the subject. Here are some simple tips which will actually help you to get better grades:


Avoid Distractions while studying!

You really shouldn’t multitask while solving math problems! The sooner you understand this, the easier it will be for you to get a grip on yourself.


Ditch your phone, clean up your study desk and get to work. This will help you concentrate better when you need to find the value of x and y. In fact, instead of fiddling with your phone or daydreaming between sums, you should actually time how fast you can get a sum done.  Use a timer for this.


Make Notes for the topic covered!

Get acquainted with all the mathematical terminologies, concept-sou and definitions by jotting them down in a notebook, exclusively for this. If you can accomplish this, a (quarter) half of the battle is already won!

Now, you won’t have to waste time looking for where you’ve written down the eight properties of a rhombus or what is the Pythagoras theorem. Writing down keywords and highlighting them will actually help you gain clarity.


Try to Derive formula than Memorization

Apply mathematical concepts to real-world situations. Don’t forget that this is the only real purpose of the subject! For instance, you can attempt to calculate the probability of your favorite football team winning a game.

The second thing which can help drill formulas into your head is to understand how formulas actually work.

Be clear on your Concept

Remember that your foundation in the subject needs to be extremely strong if you want to score good marks. Focus on getting your basics right and don’t wait for examinations to come knocking at your door to clear your doubts. You can consider hiring a tutor if you’re struggling with some key concepts.

Other than this, you should consult your teacher whenever you face problems in solving equations. There are also online tools to help you become a math wizard!

Practice more questions!

Know the prescribed textbook like the back of your hand and also practice homework questions as much as you can. In fact, make it a daily habit! Get question papers of previous years and time yourself while solving them.

But don’t forget to take breaks to freshen up. Have healthy snacks nearby, get adequate sleep and drink ample amounts of water. Start preparing early and leave cramming to others instead! For more guidance hire a Tutor from Advance Learning Center.

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