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Accelerate You Child Growth in Problem Solving and Analytical Abilities By Learning Coding This Holi-Camp

Historically, societal advancements do not occur in a straight line.

Rather, these societal changes happen with a decreasing interval between each subsequent change.

Think About It

Each revolution was accompanied by social upheavals when individuals were not able to adapt with changes. The digital revolution in the 1980s resulted in the loss of 40% of low-skilled jobs in traditional manufacturing industries, due to automation. It is estimated that in the upcoming AI revolution, another 40% of jobs will be lost. This time, it will not be just the low-skilled labour.

Here’s The Thing

Many Singaporean parents believe that if their children can attain a professional job, especially in the areas of medicine, law, or accounting, they will be safe from job loss. Unfortunately, the upcoming AI revolution will put an end to this pipe dream. As of today, AI lawyer (ROSS) has started work in law firms, AI doctor (BABYLON) can diagnose patients’ conditions more accurately than human doctors, AI accountant (SMACC) is faster and more accurate and AI teacher (WATSON) was voted best tutor in a blind survey at Georgia Institute of Technology.

What About Future Jobs?

The types of jobs available will also change with the AI revolution. Think about it. The following 8 jobs in 2016 did not even exist in 2006: App developer, big data analyst, social media manager, educational consultant, millennial generation expert, cloud computing specialist, sustainability specialists and user interface expert.

What does this mean for Singapore students?

As parents, we are now trying to prepare them for jobs that do not yet exist, to use technology that has not yet been developed and to solve problems that we do not even know are problems yet. How uncertain is this for a child’s future?

Fortunately, there is a way to future-proof your child – STEAM.

Through STEAM, your child will

  • gain an awareness of applied science and mathematics,
  • have a chance to work with evolving technology,
  • solve real-world problems independently, and
  • create according to design thinking principles.

Our technology camps and workshops incorporate the latest technology platforms (robotics, coding and 3D design). We believe that a curriculum that embeds 21st century skills in use of technology, real-world problem-solving and design will help your child navigate an uncertain future.

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