Amazing Chinese

Chinese is one language all yearn to master, not only because of the rich history it has but the fact that it is quickly becoming the most important language after English. Using tried-and-tested techniques at tackling composition writing and reading comprehension, students will experience a noticeable improvement in their capability and in the way they approach solving day-to-day challenges. Our graduates will definitely see life-long advantages in having great mastery of the language academically, socially in school and later in their work place.

An Interactive Learning Environment

Exposing students to well-structured in-house programmes for a self-discovery experience aimed only at scoring distinctions.

Guiding and assisting students towards Chinese language mastery from Primary 3 to GCE “O” Level through interesting and engaging approaches to strategically improve their competence and self-esteem.

Riding on this proven method of regular constructive and informative feedback between teacher and student, we help students gain confidence in their orals. One-to-one testing will give them the luxury of individual attention and correction.

4 GUARANTEED Approaches to Win

  • Proprietary Resource Materials

    Meticulously crafted, in-line with MOE, to enrich students as they make vast improvements in their grades

  • Compo-Writing And Oral Strategies

    Using tried-and-tested strategies, to help students commit to memory words and phrases effortlessly while expressing themselves clearly

  • Stress-Free Oral Strategies

    Applying the structured feedback loop, for students to regain their confidence in expressing themselves fluently during oral exams


    A comprehensive coverage at analysing key exam papers, to help students better prepare for their upcoming assessments

Dedicated Trainers

Teacher Lisa (Amazing Chinese) is full of heart and is an inspiration to the kids whom who have been taught under her. Her lessons are comprehensive and include a focus on contextual knowledge plus oral work.
All of the lessons are in compliance with the latest MOE syllabus. Her techniques and skills towards better comprehension and composition writing will see guaranteed improved results and a positive hike in the students’ grades

Ms Dong (Amazing Chinese), MOE teacher (formerly a teacher at Chung Cheng High for 5 years), tutors Primary, Secondary and JC levels. In order to keep current with the MOE syllabus and methodology, she still teaches as a relief teacher in various secondary schools. She graduated from one of the more prestigious universities in China. Being in the teaching industry for more than 15 years and being able to successfully articulate the essence of Chinese language in a simplified yet fun way to a kid, she guarantees improvements in your child’s Chinese Language aggregate. Ms Dong is a very responsible teacher and always puts students first before anything.

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Languages are important as they form the platforms for learning and communicating. Multilingualism benefits all. Why not start mastering bilingualism at ADVANCED LEARNING CENTRE.