About Advanced Learning

Advanced Learning, established since 1992, is a centre where we help our students build strong cognitive fundamentals to reinforce content learning. We encourage an early and strong start on the right track through honing socio-emotional skills such as focus and perseverance. In ALC we reward effort and jointly celebrate success when students achieve personal targets and acquire self-esteem.

We are also registered with MOE and are in the list of private schools (A to H) fulfilling MOE requirements with respect to basic statutory requirements, acceptable curriculum and qualified teachers.

Our Philosophy
To co-operatively help students build strong cognitive fundamentals and strategies in order to achieve success in content learning.

Who We Are
A team of dedicated staff who are rich in experience in the teaching of their respective fields or subjects. Our trainers believe in helping our students establish sound building blocks for learning in order to achieve success.

Why Advancing In Learning

  • Encompassing learning to be all purposeful
  • Encouraging the exploration and reflection of all sources of information
  • Making linkages of multi-disciplines and their applicative values
  • Honing our linguistic skills as we aim at bilingualism or multilingualism

Our Core Values

Your Child First

Kids are our future. We bring out the best in them and respect them as individuals.


We maintain the highest professionalism to ensure integrity is practised.

Always Listening

We embrace a listening culture to promote healthy two-way communications.


Languages are important as they form the platforms for learning and communicating. Multilingualism benefits all. Why not start mastering bilingualism at ADVANCED LEARNING CENTRE.