Superb Science

On top of academic achievements in the subject, students will be keen to explore and apply their knowledge acquired to their day-to-day living, observing the relevance of learning Science and building their confidence and interests in the subject.

An Interactive Learning Environment

The key to Superb Science experience is the interactive learning environment where students are exposed to honing their skills to better equipped them to prep for their exams.

Using a cognitive process of constructing science concepts effectively students learn to link up the dots and to better organise their thoughts at the same time. This allows them to visualise the key relationships in the themes in a systematic way.

Guiding students through the proven techniques will give them ample opportunities to better store and retrieve information more effectively and efficiently. Honing these skills will better equipped them to prep for their exams.

3 Unique Effective Approaches to Win


    Effectively helps students think about connections in the concepts of science

  • Template Structure

    Time-saving techniques to free up time when attempting questions during the exam


    An unique and systematic thought process which enhances students’ ability to solve open-ended questions


Ms Su revised many exam-type questions. Some similar questions came out in my school exams as well as during the PSLE. I found her lesson notes very useful. Ms Su really motivated me. I attained A* in both English & Science.Rohit, Rosyth Primary School, Blk 662, Buffalo Road
I got an A* for Science and my PSLE Aggregate Score was 258. I would not have gotten this aggregrate without your teaching. I learnt a lot from you and my Science improved a lot. Thank you for teaching me.Tian Ai, CHIJ Our lady of the Nativity
I was very impressed with Ms Su’s dedication and teaching skills when my son, Julian attended her classes in P5& P6. (2002& 2003) He excelled in the PSLE and attended Raffles Institution.I then enrolled my daughter June in 2007& 2008, and she too excelled and is now attending Cedar Girls. My youngest, Jenny is now attending her classes. I know she is in very good hands.Mrs Lee, Upper Changi Road

Dedicated Trainers

William Chew (Physics @ Buangkok) is currently an adjunct teacher at CHIJ St. Joseph’s Convent, teaching Physics and Additional Mathematics to Sec 4 students. Prior to this appointment he was a full time MOE teacher with Anderson Secondary School since 2010, teaching Physics, Science and Mathematics. Apart from his work in the academic sphere, William has a wealth of engineering experience, having worked in a corporate setting of a multi-national company for 20 years. His pedagogical style focuses on showing students how theoretical aspects of Physics can be applied to solving real life engineering problems.

With 26 years group and individual tutoring experience, Ms Su has successfully prepared hundreds of students for the PSLE English& Science Examination. She has freelanced as an English and Science Tutor at Advanced Learning Centre since 2013. She has also taken the position of a Creative Writing freelance trainer at Compassvale Primary School, Temasek Primary School and Zhong Hua Primary School since 2012.

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