Speed Maths

Under Speed Maths, students are exposed to the innumerable ways to manage their maths work more efficiently. Besides improved grades and a better understanding of the subject, students now approach problem-solving skills with greater effectiveness and preparedness for the PSLE exam and beyond.

An Interactive Learning Environment

Discovering solving maths problems for themselves, students from all ability levels will be able to manage their understanding of the subject according to their ability level.

Using ‘EASIER AND FASTER METHODS’, students can look forward to solve challenging PSLE Mathematics questions with ease and confidence. With guided lessons, students can apply what they learn in the class to their daily lives.

Introducing the process of effective VISUAL approach to maths while heightening their level of learning using LEVEL UP with all-round HANDS-ON activities, students independently and successfully manage their own maths work.

3 Unique Effective Approaches to Win

  • Visual Approach

    Solving maths problems using visual approach for a better pictorial understanding of the maths questions

  • Level Up Method

    An unique approach to raise pupils’ level of learning

  • Conceptual Understanding Strategies

    Hands-on approach to thoroughly understanding maths in a fun and meaningful way

Dedicated Trainers

Mr Ernest Wong, Founder of SpeedMaths, is both an author, an experienced tutor and a scholar. He has been helping thousands of Primary School pupils excel in their maths. Since 2002, he has written over 20 Primary Maths Assessment and Guide books for pupils’ and parents’ better understanding of the subject. He has also conducted PSLE Maths Workshops for teachers, to share with them alternative methods of solving challenging PSLE Maths problems. He has also given talks to parents, to help them motivate their children towards excelling in their PSLE Maths exam.

William Chew (Secondary Mathematics and Additional Mathematics) is currently an adjunct teacher at CHIJ St. Joseph’s Convent, teaching Physics and Additional Mathematics to Sec 4 students. Prior to this appointment he was a full time MOE teacher with Anderson Secondary School since 2010, teaching Physics, Science and Mathematics. Besides helping students obtain good grades, his goal is to produce enlightened and motivated students who will continue their life-long learning journey after leaving school.


I had an enjoyable and fun time while being taught by Mr Chew [Teacher William]. He is a very fun and caring teacher who never fails to help you when you have doubts about any questions. Besides that, his lessons are also very educational and he has helped me improve in my Add Maths.

– Aaron came in with an E8 score and in just 2 months attained a B4. He went on to attain a distinction in his ‘O’ levels 2016.

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