Awareness About Secondary 1 Math Subject to Parents of Singapore Students

Math may be the bane of many learners and in Singapore, where math sometimes appears as a vital at the mercy of bolster a child’s potential, students need to be able to keep up with Singapore’s Educational Model and syllabus to boost their mathematical ability.

For parents whose kids are unable to match math’s difficulty, it really is an uncertain period when one’s child enters another grade level and faces a different degree of mathematics classes. The uncertainty raises after the child finishes Principal 6 and today face Secondary 1, a completely different kind of math children may find daunting to learn.

With this uncertainty at heart, many parents tend to locate special math tuition or a math tutor because of their children to see through the hurdles of secondary mathematics. However, some parents have a tendency to query how different Secondary 1 Math is from Primary 6 Mathematics and if their child is preparing to tackle Secondary 1 Math. Would unique tuition and tutors help their children pass Secondary math?

As a mathematics tutor, listed below are the things you have to explain to parents when it comes to understanding Secondary 1 Mathematics and why obtaining a special math tuition through tutoring for their children would benefit them.

Passing Primary and Secondary Are Different in terms of Knowledge

Kids are taught in Main 6 about how they can resolve word problems by identifying which of the 12 concepts were found in the problem. After they understand the principles and how they could be solved, they can simply score high points in their math tests.

However, Secondary 1 Math focuses on Topics rather than concepts. The syllabus would talk about topics like entire numbers, angles, speed, quantity and others instead of just word problems.

Obtaining a specialized Secondary Classes tutor can help children find out these topics simpler and develop the abilities necessary to solve Secondary 1 problems.

Comparison of Primary School Teacher and Secondary School Teachers

Like whenever a child enters a fresh college where they are not really acquainted with how the school functions, Secondary 1 teachers don’t have any experience with regards to what their students’ primary school mathematics included and how it had been taught. Consequently, the teacher would presume that the kid can detect the topics being talked about easily even if they’re unfamiliar to the college student.

Some secondary school teachers could even teach their lessons in different ways, which might conflict with the way the child was taught to comprehend and resolve problems in primary college. Over time, students could find it difficult to understand Secondary 1 Mathematics and take weeks before they are able to understand it.

Should this happen to the kid, they may find it hard to stay focused in course and weary in math.

Getting a tutor might help these kids understand the topics like just how they are trained in primary classes. Tutors may also help the child create a different method of understanding the issues even if their instructor teaches a different technique.


Comparison of PSLE with Secondary School Future is Impractical

Even if the kid could score well within their PSLE, Secondary 1 includes a different syllabus which isn’t contained in the PSLE. The kid would have to keep on learning to understand the brand new concepts taught in Secondary 1 and develop the abilities necessary to match the workload. If the kid did not rate well in PSLE, they could find Secondary 1 a method to improve their abilities and show their potential.

Tutors might help children move forward from their PSLE mindset and prepare them for their Secondary 1 classes.


Math Of Secondary School Singapore is quite tough for Parents to teach their kids

Some parents want to teach their children in the home and help them with their homework. Nevertheless, Secondary math isn’t very simple to teach taking into consideration the advanced character of the topics it addresses. Some parents might not even know about topics like Algebraic Equations, Geometry, Inequalities and others because it was not originally trained to them before.

Getting a tutor acquainted with each one of these topics would assure parents that their kids can learn their secondary mathematics lessons with ease.


Proper Guidance Makes Secondary 1 Study Easy

In any life situation, people face today, having an early start is desired as one gets to do more throughout the day and start early on tasks scheduled for the next day. If one begins late, they may end up having to catch up with their work or cram it just to ensure they do not have to get worried about it the next day.

This mindset is also applicable for students, especially now that they are in their Secondary 1 level. Having a tutor would help the pupil prepare for their lessons in advance and review before their checks. When a pupil is well-prepared, they will be able to keep up with their studies and not lag behind.


Make Secondary 1 Math Learning a Fun moment

Secondary 1 classes could possibly be a bit monotonous for a few students and cause them to lose the interest in their classes.

However, this is prevented by having tutors who may teach the same lessons to children however in a method that’s more pleasurable and better to understand. Some tutors might even utilize interactive lessons to help their pupils become equipped for his or her Secondary 1 classes but nonetheless discover it fun to comprehend these hard topics.



With mathematics valued as an essential subject in Singapore, parents should be in a position to help their children keep up with Singapore’s math level. By looking for the assistance of mathematics tutors like us, we are able to assure parents that people can help their children learn the different ideas taught in secondary college and help them be successful. If we usually do not present our expertise, these kids will be lost and be struggling to match their peers.

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