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Advanced English

Today schools and institutions value a well-rounded LINGUISTICALLY COMPETENT person evidenced by his EXCELLENT GRADES and CONFIDENT PERSONA. At ALC we make EVERY reading, writing and presentation COUNT with our unique and holistic approaches. A holistic strategy is the main focus of our pedagogy so that we can bring out our students’ potential and inspire them to scale greater heights.

An Interactive Learning Environment

Expose students to current news, interesting articles, a wide range of photographs or graphics and other materials which are thematically-linked.

Guide and help students to hone their listening, speaking, reading, writing and reviewing skills from texts of print and non-print sources which are of literary and informational or functional forms.

Introduce and guide students on the process of parallel writing, the use of word frames and incorporated lessons on Language use, Word power/Vocabulary tied to the themes or tasks.

Teach the students to apply techniques required to fulfil the variety of tasks set from oral discussion, listening activities, role play to reading comprehension, situational, as well as, free composition writing. (genre-approach)

5 Unique Effective Approaches to Win

  • Less is More

    ‘LESS IS MORE’ Approach to make the more important shout out and that QUALITY beats quantity.

  • Make it Your Own

    ‘MAKE IT YOUR OWN’ Approach to get original and more creative in composition writing. [Paper 1]

  • Comprehension Strategies

    2 deceptively effective strategies that includes MCQAS and RRDR to help win at comprehension. [Paper 2]

  • Listening Comprehension Strategies

    FSKAO Approach is a simple, fun and easy-to-implement strategy in order to triumph at listening comprehension. [Paper 3]

  • Oral Communication Strategies

    Using proven persuasive techniques to elaborate on one’s responses in an engaging manner. [Paper 4]

Dedicated Trainers

Teacher Jean, an experienced tutor with an official MOE approval for teaching is also our primary English Language curriculum developer. She has devoted herself to nurturing and guiding children who do not mind going the extra mile. She is a strict, demanding but passionate tutor who has the children’s interests as her top priority. Despite her 19 years of teaching experience, she continues to look for ways to help kids in their English language learning journey so as to enhance and make the lessons interesting.

A trained teacher with over 4 years of teaching experience, Teacher Lynda, is well-versed with the English Language syllabus. Working with students from primary to secondary level, the subject specialist adapts concepts to reach the learners at the basic and advanced levels.
Engaging students through deep learning, numerous applications and evaluation, she carries out her lessons in a concise and effective manner.

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